YouTube Subscribers Pass 1,100 Plus

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I just wanted to take a minute to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone that has subscribed to my YouTube Channel.

We passed 1,100 Subscribers.

When I started my YouTube channel I thought that I would eventually get some subscribers, but I could not have imagined passing 1,000. This is simply Awesome!

Power relief carving with a high-speed engraver is something that I am passionate about. It was a lot of work back in 2007 when I first started power carving in stead of using knives and gouges.

I had a lot to learn, and there was not a lot of information readily available. It took a lot a searching, and a lot of trial and error to get going. I wish I had a carving club close by that I could have attended, but that was not the case (and is still not the case).

When I turned to power relief carving in 2012, and started using a high-speed engraver I had already learned a lot about power carving, but I found that I had more to learn.

Once I felt like I had a good handle on how to use a high-speed engraver, and had some good success with it I started to think back on the journey.

I found that the journey was tough, and it took a lot of effort and trial and error (all over again). I decided to start the Carving On website to hopefully help others that were interested in power relief carving using a high-speed engraver.

The YouTube channel soon followed, and slowly subscribers started to find my channel, and venture over to my website.

This was great, but I could not have every expected this good of a response.

I am looking forward to bringing you project based training now that I have finished my Foundational Training Series.

I developed the Power Relief Carving Foundational Training Series to help others discover what it takes to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge, so that you can focus on the art and not on how to complete a cut or step.

Be assured that I have more on the way. I love carving, and sharing what I have learned with you.

Please let me know what type of projects you would like me to demonstrate by leaving a comment below.

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