Workshop / Art Room Update October 2015

By October 20, 2015General News
Workshop art room update image
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So there are definitely times where I go for what seems like forever without making any changes to some things. I guess it is because I have a comfort zone, but when things really start bugging me I have to make changes.

My workshop is really just a small room in my home where I have all of my power carving equipment set up, as well as, complete other art projects.

It really is a room where all of the ART takes place. Thus over the years everyone in my family simply call it the Art Room.

It really does help to have a place where I can keep everything together. It may not all be set out all the time, but it is accessible. It is also great because I do not have to work in the kitchen. Yes, when I first got started doing some things like airbrushing I was in the kitchen.

I have found that organization is very helpful to my creative process, and to my sanity. Now, I am not the most organized of people, but I try to keep everything that goes together in one place.

Out of all of this I found that I really have enjoyed spending time in the Art Room, but recently (past 6 months or so) I have felt that I really needed a change. The walls where looking old, faded, and grungy, and I was having a harder time focusing.

So, I finally had enough, and said that it was time to change things up. The first thing that came to mind was the color on the walls. I have never really liked the color, but since it was already there I left it. NO MORE!

The first thing to change was the wall color.

Now I am working on building out some great shelves, so that I have enough room for better organization of everything that I do in the Art Room.

Altogether I am really liking the changes I am making.

I am finding that I am feeling a lot better about going to work in the Art Room, and completing carvings, and videos.

This was something I definitely needed. I would suggest to anyone that is feeling a little down because of where they are carving or spending lots of time to try mixing things up. Even if that mixing is just a little bit of paint.

It has helped me, and now with a renewed energy I can keep moving forward.

Once I get the shelves done I will post an update with pictures.

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