WIP – My First Gourd Carving Project

WIP My first gourd carving project image
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WIP – My First Gourd Carving Project

I have been looking for a long time for a medium that I can really work with, and enjoy carving. It has been a challenge to find something that I really want to carve on.

I may have found just the medium for me. Well, it is more the shape and thickness that interests me, but the gourd itself has turned out to have many advantages that I really like.

I am not going to go into all the things that I like about gourds here. I just wanted to post an update as to what has been interesting me lately.

There are always many different things that I could be doing, but as I have been contacted by a few of you in regards to gourds I thought that I would try them out.

I first really paid attention to them when I attended the Idaho Artistry In Wood Show this year. I say a lot of great gourd art, and was exposed to the many different thicknesses that they grow into. I thought that they were all pretty thin, and not suitable for medium or deep relief carving, but when I saw them I found myself corrected.

The gourd is a great medium to carve, as I have been finding out. Here is a picture Wip -My First Gourd Carving Project. gourd carving 01 image

It is far from finished, and I was experimenting with my different burrs and power carving tools. This is an organic development project meaning I had no plan for this carving going into it.

I just want to have fun with this project, and so far I am having a great time.

I am keeping everything loose and flowing. I don’t want to think too much about this carving. I freehand drew everything, and did not use any transfer film or stencils. It really is quite easy to draw on. The surface is very ready to accept pencil or pen.

When I finish this project I will post more images of the finished piece. I must say just one more time that I am having a wonderfully fun time carving this gourd.

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