Website Update And Focus With Image Visualization Technique

By March 16, 2016Power Carving
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So it has been a while since I’ve put up a new video or blog post. There’s been a lot going on, and I thought I would give you a quick update.

I’ve been busy with a sign making project, and let me just say it’s one of those side projects that has taken quite a bit of time. I will eventually be sharing more about this sign making project and what’s been going on their, but that is one of the primary reasons why I have been away.

Another consideration for me is always how much physical energy and time I have each day to be at work. With my Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy I have a limited number of hours before my body starts to fight back and cause additional pain.

Along with some minor injuries and other things I have had to slow down, and take my time with the projects that I have been working on.

Determining My Focus For The Future

I have also been spending a lot of time working on determining the focus for the future. I have two main projects; one being the Power Carving Online School, and secondly, my own personal art.

With a limited number of hours to work I end up with the inability to do both, and have to pick and choose.

With limitations as they are I have decided that what I am going to do is take you along as I do my own art.

What This Means For The Power Carving Online School

What this means for the Power Carving Online school is I will be focusing primarily on gourd carving. Gourds are a fun medium that I really enjoy, and they are very similar to what I would like to do with wood turning. Gourds carve well, and to me the carving texture, hardness, and everything else reminds me of Basswood.

With that said, even if you see me carve something on a gourd that does not mean it cannot be carved on anything else. It is quite possible to carve most things that you see me carve on whatever medium you choose that relates to wood or other similar materials.

So To Kick Things Off – Image Visualization TechniqueDesign Visualization Image

So to kick things off I thought I would share a simple way to help visualize the image you are applying to whatever medium you are using.

One of the easiest methods that I know of is to color code the graphic.

Color coding the graphic allows me to better ‘see’ what is going on with the carving that I will be completing.

This image visualization technique allows me to establish the layers and levels, what elements are on each, and keep them straight in my head.

The method I am showing in the video was done by outlining or tracing the outside edge of the graphic itself in color coded form.

If more visualization is needed: I will show other methods in the future that will allow more detail in this regard to clearly see the picture in your head before you start carving and run into issues.

But, outlining what colors is a very effective image visualization technique, and simple way to be able to see what it is that you will be carving.

I hope you will continue to join me on this adventure as I continue to work on the website, the Power Carving Online School, social media stuff, and other such such fun and exciting projects.

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