Textures Created With A Combination Of Large And Small Burrs

Texture combination image
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Texture is the primary way that we go about differentiating the different elements of our carvings. There are many different ways to create textures, and many different combinations that can be used to create unique textures that are not found anywhere else.

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One of the simplest textures out there is the stipple texture. The stipple texture is very unique clean and nondescript, and so it makes a very good background texture that helps to highlight the primary focus of the carving.

But this stipple texture is not the only texture that can be created using this same type of motion with the carving burr. Textures created with a combination of large and small burrs can really impact the look of the final carving while creating subtle differences in each texture.

Using the basic method of stippling using multiple sizes of round burrs can help you create many different textures just from the way you combine them.

There are a few things that help determine how the texture is going to look once the textures completed. Some of these things are:

  • The tightness of the carving
  • The depth of the carving
  • The density of the carving
  • And the combination of all these things together

Another thing to consider is the order in which you carve each step. This will determine many different things, as well as, how easy or difficult the texture is to create.

Starting with the large round burr, whether that’s a carbide or diamond does not matter so much, but is more a personal preference.

The order in which you apply each burr to the surface will determine how the texture looks when it’s finished. There is no exact formula for determining what you will get with any combination, but it more relies on your creativity and ingenuity.

As the video above demonstrates you have many different textures that can be created just by manipulating which burr you use first, the depth and compactness of each size of burr.

Have some fun with this and try to create as many different textures using these two burrs. You will be surprised at the difference yet subtle changes you can create using this method.

Sometimes a subtle difference in texture is all you need to differentiate elements that are close or far apart in the scene you are carving.

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