SCM System 400 XS High-speed Engraver Reveiw

400XS Engraver Review 2015 Image
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I first got started in power relief carving using high-speed engraver in February of 2012. At that time I did the research, looked around, and did due diligence on trying to come up with a quality hand piece, at a good price, and with a good warranty that I could get started with.

At that time I chose to go with SCM Systems 400XS.

SCM Systems 400XS High-Speed Engraver

It has been a very good tool for me. It has done what I needed it to do, and continues to operate without fail. I have spent many hours using this hand piece, and am very comfortable with it in my hand. (*Remember that I purchased this tool in 2012.*)

But Things Don’t Always Stay The Same

As with time never standing still it is very often the case with companies, technology, products, services and the like. The same holds true for high-speed engravers.

I Have NEVER Officially Endorsed Any One High-Speed Engraver

I am not a supplier of equipment, but simply a customer like you.

I have never really endorsed one high-speed engraver due to the fact that there are many factors that go into choosing the hand piece you want to use. From the price, warranty, comfort of the tool, and customer service from the company being some of the factors that I weighed in my mind before choosing my first high speed engraver.

You will also notice in the articles on my website that I share many different sources for buying the equipment and supplies necessary for doing power relief carving with a high-speed engraver.


Things Change

Because I do not sell the equipment myself, but just help you discover the process of carving and hopefully be an inspiration to you, I do not get the customer service complaints that come with selling equipment.

However, I have found an increase in e-mails to Me talking about customer service issues or lack of quality customer service from SCM Systems.

This is unfortunate because my experiences in the past have been quite positive, but currently things seem to have been changing with that company.

My SCM Systems 400XS Review

Three years ago the tool that I purchased was a solid, quality tool, but currently there seems to have been something changed in this hand piece.


I cannot personally talk about this, as I do not own a currently sold 400XS, but there is a growing number of complaints and issues that other people are talking about that have purchased the current 400XS.

As I started to hear the customer service issues coming to me it caught my attention, and I started to look into this issue, and contact other suppliers of the 400XS to see if they have had similar complaints.

There have been complaints about the quality of the 400XS tool. I cannot say what that is, or why the turbines have failed because I am NOT affiliated in any way with SCM Systems.

As A Customer

As a customer I am not privy to all the inside happenings of companies. But talking to some distributors that have also sold the 400XS they are saying that the turbines have been changed in some way and they are failing easily. (Company Competition may be at the heart of this information…?)


Do Your Due Diligence

With every tool purchase that you make, equipment, supplies, accessories, and the like, it is important that you do your due diligence, and research the quality of the tools before purchasing.

There are many times where you will have to dig deeper then the mere marketing campaign the companies produce, and look at the quality of what you are thinking about purchasing through other sources that you might be able to find. (I hope to be one of those sources for you.)

I leave the purchase of equipment, tools, and accessories up to you as I always have, and if you choose to go with the 400XS that is your choice. As with any other tool from any other company.

I hope you will look at this article that I have written on choosing a high-speed engraver and the things that I look at when deciding on a tool.

This information remains the same, and I hope that you will research and make sure you are comfortable with the purchase before doing so.

It is your money, it is your investment in your future, and your hobby so take your time, your care, and make a purchase that you can be happy with.


To See What I Recommend

Please read my most current assessment of the situation and review of SCM Systems 400XS here:



Be safe, have fun, and enjoy all your power carving experiences.



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