Re-Launching My Training Products

By August 9, 2017General News
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I am Re-Launching My Training Products

I am super excited to be able to announce that I am re-launching my training products. It has been a year since I have had my products up for sale. I have a large selection of training videos that have been sitting around for the past year.

Check out my new products page: Products

There are many reasons for why I had to stop offering these training materials for sale. Among the most notable of these reasons would have to be that physically I could not keep up with the amount of work I had created for myself with the way I had organized the online school and product purchases.

Oak-Leaf-Rosette-IntroI had an online school that I facilitated completely on my own, and the amount of computer work to keep everything up to date and functioning took all of my energy and time. I could simply not keep up. 

Now I have the ability to re-launch my products with the help of You can learn more about them by following the link.

They have the infrastructure that I need to be able to deliver all my training materials to you from my digital products (including videos, pdf’s, and graphics), as well as, physical products. 

Desktop Name Plate ImageI have been looking for a platform that would allow for secure Internet purchases. The solutions I was using where very time consuming and difficult to maintain. Now with the help of Gumroad I am able to provide all my training in a safe secure way, and they will do all the “heavy lifting” with the SSL securities and safeties for making purchases Online. 

With these things being put into place I will be able to spend much more time carving, creating videos, and other free content that I hope will help you continue to learn and enjoy power relief carving. 

Check out my new products page: Products

Fish Scales and Oak leaves ImageIt will take some time to get everything uploaded and available for purchase, but now I have a strong platform to work with, and a great company that is able to support my efforts as an artist. I will be working on adding additional products as quickly as I can.

Please be patient as I make this awesome transition to being able to offer my power relief carving training products to you once again. 

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