Power Carving Textures Created With Carving And A Pick

Texture Carving And A Pick Image
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Texturing is one of the main elements that helps to differentiate and to “tell the story” of your carving. Textures can mean the difference between a flat carving and a carving the comes to life.

There are many many many textures that can be carved just with the carving burrs themselves. But when you add other tools or implements to help create the textures the possibilities are endless.

One such tool that I like to use is a pick.

Power carving textures created with carving and a pick will open up more possibilities for the textures you are trying to create.

The pick allows me to create uniform sized holes in the carving without the possibility of burning the material around it. There are occasions when running a tapered carbide burr into the material is fine and a burned edge and look of the whole is just fine depending on the stain I am using.

There is always a high risk of burning the material around the hole when using a carbide or diamond taper to carve in the holes. I have found that it does not seem to matter how fast I run the burr at from 100 rpm’s to 400,000 rpm’s.

This is probably due to how small the burr is, and the amount of friction created by the burr in the material. If this is the look that you are after than using another tool is not necessary.

If you are planning on staining the area with a dark stain then having a burned hole will make very little difference, but if you need the hole to be clean and to have the same color as the material around it the burr is not the best choice.

So, when I want a clean whole that is not burned I will use a different implement such as a pick. The pick allows me depending on the pressure I use, or the amount of force I stick the pick will determine the size of whole that is made in the material.

Making a straight hole is also just one option. Another option is to press the to pick into the material and wobble it about to widen the top of the hole. This can create and either uniform or random look depending on how you wobble the pick.

Changing the compactness of the holes also changes the texture. There are many different factors that will help you to use just this one tool, the pick, to help you create many new and interesting textures.

Give the pick a try and see what kind of new and exciting textures you can develop by adding this tool to your texturing arsenal.

Be safe, how fun, and enjoy your power carving experiences.

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