I Will Be Here – 2015 Idaho Artistry In Wood Show

Idaho Artistry In Wood Show Image
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I have a lot of fun things planned out for 2015. One of these fun things is attending the 2015 Idaho Artistry In Wood Show.

I am super excited to be able to do this because this will be my first woodcarving show that I can attend live. I have been wanting to attend woodcarving shows for some time now but due to health concerns I have not been able to do so.

However now I am able to do so, and I am super excited for the opportunity.

I will be attending as a vendor with my training materials and personal carvings. My goal is to help people discover the many wonderful benefits of power carving and how they can get started power carving as well.

Above that though, is the opportunity to be able to spend time with other woodcarvers. There are times when I feel quite isolated and alone here in Southern Nevada. In such a small community there is no opportunity for a woodcarving club, or a chance to visit with others on the topic locally.

Having the Carving On Wood.com website has been a wonderful blessing in that regard. It has allowed me to communicate with many of you, and to share my experiences and joys of power carving.

There are many woodcarvers that I greatly admire, and hopefully I will be able to meet some of them during this show.

One of the great benefits of woodcarving is that it can be a lifelong pursuit. This is one of the things that draws me to it as I can constantly learn new things, and it is not something I have to set aside at a later time.

I Want To Rub Shoulders With You

Since I am going to be attending the show I would love the opportunity to shake hands with each of you, and share in some power carving stories.

I would love to put names to faces and be able to build a better relationship with you and have some fun.

I know that we are spread all over the country, but if you can attend that Idaho Artistry In Wood Show I would love it if you could, and come say hello.

Come To The Show

The show will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2015. It is held in Boise, Idaho. For more information visit their website: http://idahoartistryinwood.org/

I hope to see you there.

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy all your power carving experiences.

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