Gourd Carving With Acanthus Leaves – Intro

By February 29, 2016Power Carving
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I’ve decided that the best thing for me to do is carve the projects that I want to do for my own fine art and bring you along for the ride. What that means is there’s going to be a lot more gourd carving done. And this is the first project I’m going to share with you.

I got a beautiful gourd that has a unique shape that I am really excited to use. When I first was thinking about this gourd, and looking at it the thought of carving acanthus leaves came to mind. That is what stood out to me that would be a very nice carving to put on this particular gourd.

Acanthus leaves come in many many different versions depending on the period and century that you reference.

There is a long history of using the acanthus leaf and many different variations and versions of it. Throughout history the acanthus leaf has been used in architecture as a visually appealing element of design and style. This same acanthus leaf can be used in other forms as adornment, design, or the focus of a carving.

Acanthus Leaf Sketch imageAs I got thinking about what version I would like to do I drew some quick sketches. This was to help me decide on just how much detail I wanted to add to this carving. This was important for me to decide before I ever touched a burr to the gourd.

Once I did some sketching I settled on a nice flowing acanthus leaf with a great bit of potential detail that I can add to it. This will allow me to create the look that I see in my mind, and also be able to use the gourd to its best potential.

Acanthus Leaf and Gourd ImageI am focusing on the gourd carving itself initially, but the way in which I will carve this gourd will require that I make a stand for it as well. I am keeping this in mind as I progress through each step of this initial design process. I want to ensure that the final carving has the appeal and impact I am looking for.

As I go throughout this carving I will keep you updated and share some images and tips along the way.

I hope you enjoy this carving process and what I do with this gourd.

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