Carving The Basket Weave Style 1 Texture

Basket Weave Style 1 Image
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Why have I titled this Basket Weave Style 1?

There are so many different treatments for carving basket weave that it decided to differentiate it by using the term style 1.

Carved basket weave can be found on many different mediums. I have seen great basket weave carved on gun stocks, gourds, panels, knife handles, and many other mediums.

The basket weave texture itself is very versatile, and can be used in many different instances. The style of basket weave I have chosen to carve for demonstration purposes for the Style 1 is more of a deeper relief carving.

In the grand scheme of things this “deeper” carving is still a very low relief carving. The final depth is only about 1/8 of an inch at the deepest points.

Because basket weave is such a versatile it’s a very good texture to have in your arsenal to apply to different designs. You can use single-strand, double strand, and even multiple strands beyond that to create the particular texture that you were looking for.

A basic basket weave texture can stand out as the primary texture of the carving.

Not all carvings have to be of animals or birds or fish or people or trees or scenes. There are great textures such as the basket weave texture that can be the primary focus of the carving.

The Steps To Carve Basic Basket Weave

There a few essential steps needed to carve basket weave, but they are relatively straightforward in nature. The most difficult parts of carbon basket weave is not getting lost in the repetitive nature of the design at.

Apply basket weave imageStep one – Transfer the design onto the medium you are carving. This can be done with transfer film, graphite paper, or simply drawing it by hand using a pencil, pen, or other writing implement.

Transferring the image to the wood imageStep two – At this point you are ready to transfer the design on to the material if you’re using transfer paper. This can be done using a tapered carbide bur or simply using a wood burning tip to transfer the design through the pattern onto the material.

If you have put the design onto the medium using a pencil, pen, or graphite paper you are all ready to go.

Step three – carve the initial lines. Be sure to carve the initial lines with exactness. If youbasket weave design transferred to wood image are sloppy with this step every other subsequent carving step will remember the sloppiness of the first step. Your design will not be as clean and crisp if you are not exacting with your initial steps.

ready for initial carving imageStep four – Once the initial lines are carved lightly into the material go ahead and deepen the areas of the carving where each strand goes underneath the crossing strand. I prefer to use a Diamond Football burr here.

I like to take my time, and go line by line in one direction before turning the entire project to go the other direction.Initial depth carved image

Step five – From this point with the initial design see in you are ready to go ahead and begin texturing the entire basket weave design. I like to use a small diamond round burr for this step.

Again I start on one side and work my way across before turning the project and repeating the process.

That helps me keep my place and avoid losing or missing areas of the carving.

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Basic Basket Weave Carving Completed imageAt this point the carving can be done, or you can continue to refine it, and create cast shadows and other elements to make the carving stand out even more.

This is just a basic overview of the Basket Weave Style 1 carving texture.

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